Afterglow Trout

restingcuttDSCF3106 - 2013-07-19 at 10-37-31

(Click to Enlarge)

First photo is of a post-spawning, resting cutthroat trout in the shallows.  I was able to actually reach down and pet him/her, not something you can normally do.  Fuji X-Pro1, 60mm, 1250th @ f4.5, ISO 200.  Second photo is the tail of another resting trout — the upper tip of its tail fin is sticking out of the water, the rest is actually under the surface, barely.  It was another post-spawning fish.  It had wedged its head under a rock and couldn’t see me as I leaned down to take the photo.  Fuji X-Pro1, 60mm, 1/25th @ f4, ISO 200

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