Disparity Of Size Is All That Saves Us

If you’ve ever noticed perfect little inch-or-so-wide pits in the fine sand or dirt of a park or trail or beach, and wondered what makes them… well, here you go.  The pits are traps made by ant lions, the larval stage of an insect which, as an adult, resembles a dainty damsel fly or a large lacewing.  The larvae, though, are hollow-fanged, venom-injecting beasties which lurk just below the bottom of these pits, waiting for an insect, often an ant, to stumble in.  When the ant tries to escape, the ant lion flings sand at it to knock it back down, then seizes it and drags it under to drink its juices.  The pictured ant lion is under 1/4-inch long.  I think this is a good thing.

(Click to Enlarge)

ant lion trapant lionant lion (4)ant lion (2)ant lion (1)

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