These are photographs of small and medium and large things.  But since you are seeing them all the same size on one screen… try to forget what size they are.  Because relative to, I don’t know… space, or the moon or something, they are all small.  Or relative to a molecule or, like, a carrot seed or something, they are all big.  What I’m trying to say is, just look.  And I know not everyone likes bugs, but they’re just pictures.  They won’t fly in your hair or bite you or eat your garden.  So try to let go of all that and just look at their colors and patterns and wonderfully-alien, complex bodies.  Like everyone’s old pal Chuck Darwin said, “There is grandeur in this view of life.”

2 thoughts on “ABOUT MY PHOTOS

  1. Mr. Astle: I ask your permission to use your photo of an army ant in hour finger in a game of pairing cards for children about arthropods of Yucatan peninsula. The cards contain pictures of insects and arachnids with his names in spanish, mayan and scientific. Thank you and congratulations for your excelent pictures. Pardon me for my english.

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